Day 6/366 – Marty Kudelka rocking the Nike Air Diamond Turf’s.

Monsters of Hip Hop is in town! It’s the biggest and best hip hop dance convention out there. 800+ dancers will take class from world renowned choreographers throughout the weekend including:

Mr. Marty Kudelka.

Marty is an amazing choreographer/dancer – he has worked with artists such as Janet Jackson, NSYNC, Pink, Justin Timberlake and most recently, Joe Jonas. His style can be described as smooth and controlled, intricate musicality and an overall cool, fresh feel.

Marty was sporting a fresh pair of Nike Air Diamond Turf’s – Deion “Primetime” Sanders first signature shoe. He remembers when they were first released back in 1993 – they instantly brought back memories when Marty saw them in a local sneakershop in LA in 2010. He had to buy a pair.

Preferences when on the dance floor? Sneakers that have a little weight to them (Nike Dunk’s are a bit too light). He doesn’t want to feel the floor when dancing (ex: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars).  Ones that allows him to get from point A to point B quickly. Marty prefers to rotate his kicks every 3 months or so… He’ll likely stick with the same style but in different colorways during that time. Jordan 3’s are one of his favorites…

Marty, much love and respect for not only your dance moves but for sharing a true passion for Nike kicks. 🙂

Here is one of my favorite videos of Marty’s class (he’s on the left in the red kicks).


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