Day 7/366 – Tabitha D’umo sporting plaid Nike Blazer High’s.

Monsters of Hip Hop was in full swing today in Vancouver, WA. I am ever so amazed of the talent in the room…and at such an early age. I could simply watch all day and be totally content (with a box of hot tamales in my hand that an awesome friend, BJ gave me). I was grateful to have the opportunity to catch up with…

Tabitha D’umo

She was sporting a fresh pair of plaid Nike Blazers High’s that she purchased at an outlet in Las Vegas. She prefers high tops over lows when on the dance floor. She likes shoes that fit tight to her feet so that she can feel her feet.

I am a big fan of Tabitha’s style all around – she’s very much in the know on the latest fashion trends. Tabitha & Napoleon launched Nappytabs – the first hip hop clothing line made FOR dancers BY dancers. You can check out their gear online or visit their store in North Hollywood, CA (which even includes a dance studio!). Thank you Tabitha for simply being an inspiration to so many including myself!

 Here is a compilation of Tabitha & Napoleon’s amazing work over the years:


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