Day 19/366 – Keith talks about his LUCKY SEVEN (ultimate sneaker collector).

Name: Keith

Hometown: Fayetteville, NC / Moved to: Portland, OR in 2010.

I believe Keith is: one of the biggest sneaker collectors I have met to date.

Tradition: when he gets a pair of new kicks, he will wear them a couple times; he’ll then sit on them for a bit. Most of his sneakers are in their original boxes and organized by brand, style and type. Keith owns an array of socks that will match and feel good with different kicks…

The weather plays a factor: when it’s raining, Keith will throw on an old or regular pair. When it’s not raining, his selection depends on his mood for the day.

Favorite number: SEVEN.

Keith narrowed down his extensive collection to a lucky seven, pictured below:

In clock-wise order:

#1 Nike Slides: if he could, Keith would walk around in sweat pants, socks and slides every day.

#2 Air Jordan 8: they bring back great memories from college at Winston-Salem State University. He owned a number of pairs in different color ways.

#3 Nike Air Foamposite 1: Keith is a die-hard University of North Carolina fan. He had his eyes on Mike Bibby’s sneakers during a game – he was convinced there was something to those shoes and had to get a pair. He remembers Mike Bibby playing in them even before Penny.

#4 Air Jordan 5: Fresh Prince is his favorite show. Will wears a pair of 5’s throughout season one. Keith owns 5 different Jordan 5’s.

 #5 Nike Zoom Fun Police: the commercials from the 90’s were the funniest.

#6 Nike Air Max Griffey 1: Keith played a lot of baseball while growing up. His neighbor was a big Yankees fan. Griffey was tearing it up one season and Keith had to grab a pair when they were re-released.

#7 Nike Lebron 8 “South Beach”: you never know when someone’s going to call and you’ll be there to pick them up before everyone else = exclusive.

THANK YOU KEITH for sharing your kicks and stories! 🙂


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