Day 35/366 – what do your Converse All Star Chuck Taylor’s have in common with a hair dryer?

Converse is a story of legends, heroes and innovators tied together by the love of sport. It’s a script that spans nearly a hundred years (read the complete timeline here).

1908 – Marquis Mills Converse opens the doors of the Converse Rubber Shoe Company.

1917 – World’s first performance basketball sneaker debuts: the Converse All Star.

1918 – Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor, an All American high school player who would later suit up with the original Celtics, Buffalo Germans and Akron Firestones, puts on his first pair of All Star shoes.

1923 – THE pinnacle moment in the history of Converse. They add Chuck Taylor’s signature to the All Star patch, giving birth to what would become an American icon.

The point of the story is – these kicks have a true history! Other inventions in the 1920’s were Traffic lights, Band Aids and the Hair Dryer. Fancy that. 🙂

Kicks on my feet: Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Low’s in Navy. Purchased at Nordstrom Rack about 6 years back.

I find it interesting how the “work hard, play hard” look is preferred (versus the squeeky clean AF1). Watch this quirky video on how to give your brand new Chucks some personality…


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