Day 41/366 – What kicks to wear after a day of outdoor fun? The Nike ACG Air Moc 1.5’s are it.

Shoe size: Men’s 9.

Hometown: Normal, Illinois / Currently residing in: Portland, Oregon.

He studied: Journalism and Mass Communications at Illinois State University.

Brian is a dad to 6-year old triplets! 2 boys and 1 girl. The boys are “mirror twins” – when looking at them from behind, their hair callicks are reversed! Super cool.

Kicks on Brian’s feet: Nike ACG Air Moc 1.5’s.

It’s all about the “quirky off the wall, eclectic kind of shoes” for Brian. The designer of the Air Moc’s was a big hiker; he wanted to create a shoe that would feel good on your feet after a long hike. Brian says the Air Moc’s are super comfortable, easy to slip on and fit snug to his foot. They are kind of like an outdoor slipper. Brian owns them in black, bright yellow, tan leather and black leather. He loves them all!

Recent adventure in these kicks? Brian and his 2 sons recently went sledding up in White River, Oregon. There was blue sky overhead and tons of fresh snow. Brian kicked back in these shoes after a fun day of sledding and munched on a turkey avocado sandwich. Sounds perfect!

Did you know? Brian is a super passionate gardener and hard core canner. He plans to be selling his own pickles here pretty soon! Go Brian. Way to be an awesome dad sporting super cool kicks and going after your passion. 🙂


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