Day 47/366 – The early bird catches the worm! Release: Air Jordan IV Retro “Cement”.

Name: Phil

Born/currently residing in: Portland, OR

Phil is camped out across the street from the Nike Employee Store. Weather conditions are a bit brisk as you can see.

What for? A numbered wristband. They will be handed out around 5pm today. Phil and I spoke around 12:30pm.

Then what? He will return to the store on Saturday morning around 745am his wristband to purchase the Air Jordan IV Retro’s in “Cement“! He’ll be going for a size 9.5 in men’s. Pictured on the left.

What is so special about these shoes? “My mom wouldn’t buy me a pair when growing up. I’m a big kid now and I can buy them with my own money!”

Kicks on Phil’s feet today: Nike ACG Lunar Macleay’s in Grey/Pink.

They are his favorite waterproof kicks! Purchased at Urban Outfitters. Pretty fresh, I must say. Way to stick it out, Phil! I know they’ll be well worth the wait. 🙂


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