Day 52/366 – Montetré goes the extra mile in his adopted Converse kicks.

Name: Montetré

(Monte added on the tré to his name because he is the 3rd Monte in his family)

Currently residing in: Portland, OR. Moved here from Texas 3 years ago.

 Montetré was browsing talent gigs on Craigslist and came across a pedicab opening for Rose Pedals. He tried out last summer and got the job! “It takes someone who is willing to go the extra mile.”

Most memorable moment while driving a pedicab? New Years. He was driving 4 girls in the back and his front tire got stuck in a groove; it crumpled and broke in half.

What do you like about the job? “I meet a lot of great people. Also, I’m getting paid to exercise! You’re often carrying at least half a ton of weight.”

Montetré’s passions are: Acting, Writing and directing his own films. He focuses on portraying both beauty & laughter in his work (ex: beautiful puns). See examples via his website.

Kicks on Montetré’s feet: Converse All Stars…exact model unknown. Can someone help? 🙂

He moved into his awesome house and these kicks were there along with 19 others. It was meant to be! Cheers!


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