Day 58/366 – Solomon takes on new frontiers in his Chuck Taylor Classic Boots.

Name: Solomon

Age: just turned 27.

Hometown: Oakland, CA / Currently residing in: Portland, OR (for 14 years and counting)

Graduated from: Portland State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a minor in Child Psychology. Solomon will continue learning as much as he can about people by reading a variety of books.

We crossed paths at: Brooklyn Industries. It’s an artist owned and operated clothing and bag company located on 23rd street in Portland. Solomon works here part-time; he really enjoys the style and the people. Their mission is to LIVE with passion; is WORK well done; and is a constant desire to CREATE.

Kicks on Solomon’s feet: Converse Chuck Taylor Classic Boot in Charcoal.

He scored these at Nordstrom Rack on sale for $45! Solomon is a fan of old deck shoes – these passed the bill. The rounded heavy-duty laces and nubuck upper are a nice twist.

What’s unique about Solomon besides his kicks? He is a talented long distance runner. He’s been at it since age 11. The Portland marathon could very well be his favorite because it’s mild (weather) and relatively flat. He’s going to start training again soon – he will be averaging 12 to 17 miles a day. In the meantime, he’s biking to work which is about 20 miles round trip. Way to go, Solomon. It was nice meeting you! 🙂


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