Day 62/366 – The THREE Air Max’s – brought to you by Michelle.

Name: Michelle

Hometown: Richland, WA / Currently residing in: Portland, OR

Michelle graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management & Operations. She’s currently studying for her Master’s in Information Systems Management at Keller Graduate School of Management.

Kicks on Michelle’s feet (and to the R): Nike Women’s Air Max Skyline SI’s in Black/White-Stealth-Pink Flash, White/Black-Blue and White/Black-Volt.

These Air Max’s are her favorite style of shoe. They are super comfortable and stylish in a sporty, laid back kind of way. (They also add a good inch to her height :)). Michelle takes them out only on dry days. She wipes them down when she gets home and leaves the laces loose so they don’t pull on the material too much. Michelle really wants to customize a pair via NikeID; she’d either use Coug colors to rep for WSU when tailgating or crazy, outlandish colors just because she’s cool like that (I added that in).

Since we’re on the topic of 3’s…Michelle shared her thoughts:

Favorite foods: chocolate chip cookies, fettuccine alfredo and Pepsi.

Top ingredients to spice up life: Johnny’s Seasoning Salt, ranch and fry sauce (ketchup+mayo).

Favorite places to shop: Banana Republic, Ikea and Target.

Things she’s not so fond of: bridges, heights and the dark.

Things to look forward to this summer are: participating in Wild Canyon Games, rafting down the Deschutes river and summer hours at work!

Thanks for sharing your collection with us! Keep it growing…


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