Day 74/366 – LAIKA/house Wednesday #1. Jeff Vandehey, Desktop System Administrator.

Today is a big day for 366DOK. All signs have pointed me in the direction of a local company – I made a valuable connection (thank you to social media) – and I was given the thumbs up to stop by to document the kicks on the inside. The icing on the cake was finding out they have “Shoe Wednesdays”. That company was…drum roll, please…

LAIKA/house is a world-renowned commercial animation studio located in Portland, OR. They are a community of talented artists and technicians who produce features and shorts from scratch. LAIKAns handcraft and transform everyday materials into living creatures infused with dimension and soul. LAIKA/house’s clients include Starbucks, Apple, Coca-Cola, ESPN, M&M’s and Planters. One of my current favorites is the M&M’s “Just My Shell” commercial:

I was a proud winner of the Coraline Dunks. I love the movie. I am a fan of LAIKA’s unique thumb print. I felt there was a connection to be made with the company so I reached out. I was truly honored that LAIKA/house was supportive of my project and was eager to be a part of it.

366DOK x LAIKA/house: LAIKAns are skilled storytellers. LAIKAns wear shoes. Shoes tell stories. Let’s hear yours!

I was able to capture 14 kicks and 14 stories in 2 hours on a “Shoe Wednesday” with the help of a talented photographer, Greg from Greg Helton PhotographyThe plan is to feature one LAIKAn every Wednesday for the next 14 weeks. I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person by the kicks on their feet…so I’m excited to share what I found on the inside among this creative bunch!

So, here goes. LAIKA/house Wednesday #1. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Name: Jeff Vandehey

Role at LAIKA/house: Desktop System Administrator (IT)

Kicks on Jeff’s feet: Nike Dunk Low iD’s 

These sneakers are Jeff’s “daily drivers.” He customized them online via NIKEiD. The color way just clicked; there was no specific rhyme or reason. Jeff had his last name embroidered on the foxing.

Thank you for sharing your customized kicks, Jeff…and for saving the studio daily!


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