Day 80/366 – “Will Dance for Nikes” artwork by Brett Page.

Artist: Brett Page

Hometown: Philly / Currently residing in: Portland, OR

The Nike Graphic Studio recently held an “Old School vs. New School” art exhibition at The Cleaners. The showcase displayed the work of a select group of Nike designers – including Brett. The proceeds from the show benefited Self Enhancement, Inc., a nonprofit organization which helps at risk urban youth realize their full potential, find their strengths and ignite their passions.

I wasn’t able to make it to the exhibition; however, I was able to gain an insider’s perspective thanks to Instagram. 🙂 Brett’s piece instantly caught my eye. Dance and sneakers. Two of my favorite things. Simple, yet profound. I had to know more so I reached out.

Brett is a fan of retro, not so typical ideas. So he chose Charlie Chaplin. He loves Air Max’s. Why not put Air Max’s on Charlie? The first sign said: “Will work for Nikes” until Brett remembered that Charlie dances; so, it only made sense to change it to: “Will dance for Nikes.” The piece is screen printed on a canvas. If you’re interested in a print, feel free to leave a comment with your contact information (I will pass along to Brett). He mentioned he’s willing to switch up the color way and sneakers on Charlie’s feet if you’d like.

Brett is inspired by: everything vintage. Things people often overlook. He marvels at how much care people incorporated into their work back in the day (ex: milk labels, matchboxes, etc.). Andy Warhol is one of his top inspirations. Brett enjoys drawing loose, sketchy, imperfect designs and then walking away… I respect that – thanks for sharing your talent with us, Brett!


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