Day 81/366 – LAIKA/house Wednesday #2. Lindsey Reif, Production Assistant.

Today marks LAIKA/house Shoe Wednesday #2.  Click here to catch up on Wednesday #1.

LAIKA/house is a world-renowned commercial animation studio located in Portland, OR. I captured 14 kicks and 14 stories in 2 hours on a Shoe Wednesday with the help of Greg from Greg Helton PhotographyThe plan is to feature one LAIKAn every Wednesday for a total of 14 weeks. I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person by the kicks on their feet…so I’m excited to share what I found on the inside among this creative bunch!”

Name: Lindsey Reif

Role at LAIKA/house: Production Assistant (character fabricator for stop motion animation)

Hometown: Deadwood, South Dakota. “It is a real place,” confirmed Lindsey.

Kicks on Lindsey’s feet: Cooperative Suede Wedge Boot

She purchased these 3 months ago at Urban Outfitters. She is a fan of the black suede upper and super minimal design (not super girly, they don’t need all the bells and whistles).

What have these kicks been up to? “They have been working a lot. They recently took a work-related trip to Home Depot for a PVC pipe,” said Lindsey.

Passion: Lindsey established REIF in 2008 – a clothing line that is both modern and timeless – fusing elements from past eras with silhouettes and textiles that are relevant in fashion today. Thanks for keeping everyone looking good, Lindsey!

For kicks…Watch “Nike Love: Pig Dream” directed by Aaron Sorenson at LAIKA/house.


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