Day 125/366 – Happy birthday Nelson Farris! The stories that you tell about your past shape your future.

Today is a very special day…

It’s Mr. Nelson Farris’ birthday!

Occupation: Director of Corporate Education and Chief Storyteller at Nike.

Nike has a number of senior executives who spend much of their time serving as “corporate storytellers” – explaining the company’s heritage to everyone from vice presidents and sales reps to those working in the retail stores. “Our stories are not about extraordinary business plans or financial manipulations,” explains Nelson. “They’re about people getting things done.” When Nike’s leaders tell the story of how Coach Bowerman, after deciding that his team needed better running shoes, went out to his workshop and poured rubber into the family waffle iron, they’re not just talking about how Nike’s famous “waffle sole” was born. They’re talking about the spirit of innovation. Likewise, when new hires hear tales of Prefontaine’s battles to make running a professional sport and to attain better-performing equipment, they hear stories of Nike’s commitment to helping athletes. (via FastCompany’s article)

Nelson: thank you for sharing your stories with us…for keeping Nike’s spirit alive and real. I’m extremely honored and proud to be here (and fortunate to cross paths with you a couple times a week). Have an AMAZING day and year! You deserve every bit of it. Great sneaker choice on your special day, by the way. 🙂

Kicks on Nelson Farris’ feet: Nike Air Rejuven8 “Olympic Village Pack”

Created to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Stems from the design aesthetics of the Air Presto, Zvezdockha, Air Kukini, Sock Racer and Air Huarache. Boosts performance and optimizes comfort with interchangeable liners.


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