Day 128/366 – “The Jump Project” by Todd in Taiwan – Nike Dunk Low’s.

The Daily Bubble Tea was featured on WordPress’ freshly pressed blogs a few weeks ago. I was excited to see Todd was wearing a bright pair of kicks in most of his amazing shots for “The Jump Project.” I had to reach out and he graciously agreed to share his story! (Thanks again, Todd! :))

Name: Todd Alperovitz

Age: 30 • Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan • Current city: Jhongsing Village, Taiwan • Education: Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science for Secondary Education from Eastern Michigan University • Occupation: Teacher • Family: wife, 15 month old daughter and another baby on the way!

Thoughts around kicks: they are an extension of Todd’s style and personality. He strives to own two pairs of sneakers at all times; when one pair wears out, he has another to take its place. “I don’t have many to choose from and I’m usually carrying my daughter and her bag to take her to daycare on my way to work. I usually put on whichever is closest to the front door on my way out.” The Swoosh represents movement to Todd.

Favorite place to shop for kicks? “I hate shopping for shoes here. Most shops don’t carry anything above a size ten. I’ll ask sales people what they have in size 11.5. They always respond with, “Choose a style first.” I hand them the shoe, they type out a long code number on a computer only to turn around and respond, “Nope, sorry. Try picking another style.” This process is repeated several times because the computer system they use does not allow sales people to search by size. It also doesn’t help that all the shoes are stored in a different building and no one will physically go check for a particular size’s availability.”

Favorite pair of kicks: “The shoes Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future 2 but that’s probably because I was eight when the movie came out and I’m still waiting for hover boards to hit the market.”

Story behind “The Jump Project”

“I was trying to think of something to get me shooting on a daily basis once again and jumping popped into my head. It started in Mid-March and finished at the end of April. During the project I was taking a jump shot almost every day. I brainstormed a list of locations with a few coworkers. A few were places I passed on my way to work that day and thought would be interesting to jump at. Most of the shots of the series were taken with a tripod. Averaged five tries per shot. One shot took more than twenty attempts.” Click here to view his thirty awesome shots!

Kicks on Todd’s feet: Nike Dunk Low’s in Red/White

This photo was taken on April 25, 2012 in Jhongsing Village. Todd’s camera was sitting on a small camera bag on the ground. He knew these eye-catching kicks would look good against a sky backdrop (he was definitely right). Todd purchased them at a Nike annual blowout sale.

What’s next? Todd is going to be jump-free for a couple months and will unveil a new monthly challenge to himself. “Maybe 5 jumps posted together on the fifth of every month or something like that. We’ll see how much energy I have once my wife gives birth to our second child in September.” Any extra credit thoughts?

“For all photographers / writers / bloggers / and other creative types. Don’t produce work you think everyone will like. Produce work you like. Share and Repeat.”


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