Day 137/366 – LAIKA/house Shoe Wednesday #10! Alise Munson, Brand Manager.

Today marks LAIKA/house Shoe Wednesday #10! “LAIKA/house is a world-renowned commercial animation studio located in Portland, OR. I captured 14 kicks and 14 stories in 2 hours on a Shoe Wednesday with the help of Greg from Greg Helton Photography. The plan is to feature one LAIKAn every Wednesday for a total of 14 weeks. I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person by the kicks on their feet…so I’m excited to share what I found on the inside among this creative bunch!”

Name: Alise Munson

Role @ LAIKA/house: Brand Manager (joined in 2006)

Talented and passionate individual: lifelong animation lover, photographer, graphic designer and marketer.

Kicks on Alise’s feet: Vintage civil war boots (exact spec’s unknown). Purchased online 4 years ago. They are Alise’s favorite pair of shoes  to wear on the weekend with sweats and a tank top. Very comfortable and versatile; she can dress them up or down. They’ve been everywhere – from Spain to Greece to England!


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