Day 159/366 – Jessica’s Nike kicks are a reminder that…“You Can’t Know Where You’re Going until You Know Where You’ve Been.”

Name: Jessica

Hometown: San Francisco, CA • Current city: Portland, OR

Education: Jessica graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism. She was born a duck – both of her parents graduated from the U of O. Jessica was a competitive high school swimmer. She took up running when she moved to Eugene; it was then that she truly appreciated the shoes on her feet. They really do make a difference!

Jessica first joined Nike when she was 19-years-old and a sophomore at the U of O. Nike was an immediate fit for Jessica, she could show up to work everyday and be herself. She felt accepted and respected for what she brought to the table. Jessica was a Sales Associate at Nike’s first ever retail store in Eugene; however, she considered herself more of a Brand Ambassador. She fell in love with the Nike story and shared it with as many customers as she could. The Nike story quickly became a part of Jessica’s own DNA.

After graduating for the U of O, Jessica landed an administrative position at Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, OR. Four years later the perfect opportunity came along and she became a Content Developer for the Department of Nike Archives.Today Jessica writes stories about Nike’s history and heritage that inspire and create deeper connections to the brand for Nike employees. Her stories are displayed on campus as well as on an internal Nike website.

Kicks on Jessica’s feet: Women’s Nike Air Max ’04 Classic

These sneakers are special to Jessica – they are a reminder of where she came from. As a Sales Associate at Nike, she was able to pick out a pair of staff dress shoes and Jessica picked these Air Max’s during her time at the Eugene Store.  She was sold on overall comfort and the full length air bag. Today, Jessica is incredibly grateful to be where she is, and keeps these sneakers on a shelf in her cube as a reminder of her own history and heritage with Nike!


Awesome. Thank you for sharing your story (as well as Nike’s story), Jessica! 🙂


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