Day 166/366 – Guest Writer: Ian Williams. Interviews Amir Morgan, an inspiring friend who loves sneakers.

This is Amy. I have been typing for 165 days now. I am super excited to feature a guest writer for today’s post…

Mister Ian Williams. Featured on Day 142/366. Creator of the Nike ‘Wet Floor’ Dunk High SB’s. Pictured on the L. Through a series of events, I’ve determined that if there’s anyone who will set a goal and meet it (or even run past it), that’s Ian. I challenged him to track down an inspirational person who loves sneakers. As you will see below, he up’d me a few.

I hope you enjoy his interview as much as  I did. Thank you Amir for being part of the adventure. I will be in touch soon to see if you’re up for passing along the baton…

[Now, on to Ian]

What’s good fellow Sneakerheads?! I’m Ian Williams, sitting in as a guest interviewer. First of all, thank you Amy for letting me be a part of your amazing blog. You’re doing something #greaterthangood for sure!! Let me get right to what y’all wanna see… them sneakas!!

His name is Amir Morgan. A soft-spoken Apparel Materials Researcher from Raleigh, NC. He’s a North Carolina State University grad where he majored in textile and biomedical engineering. Currently he works in The Hive, the apparel equivalent of the Innovation Kitchen at the Nike Headquarters in Beaverton.

Amir is one of the smartest and coolest people I’ve ever met. He has just as much fun reading up on spider web tensile strength as he does out in the club (he can dance too, I dare you to challenge him!). His love for sneakers comes from his seeing his other brother with dope kicks on; Jordan 11 IE Low and Griffey 96. Amir’s personal collection started to grow when he was in 10th grade. One of his cousins worked for Nike on the west coast, so Amir would fly out in the summer to go to basketball events in LA and hit the Beaverton Employee Store. Jordan’s were always his biggest interest, but he’s also a Nike SB head too. Since his sophomore year in high school, he’s always kept up on new releases. Back home he used to frequent Foot Action outlet… something I wish I had growing up.

While Young Raleigh was at NCSU, he and a few friends started a sneaker club, conveniently named Sneaker Club. They even did a few sneaker exhibits. What few people know about Amir is that he doesn’t drink or smoke. Like me, when he was in college he spent all his money on shoes. People always ask “You sure you don’t drink?” and “You must smoke a lot of weed then!!” – nope. We spend all our money on sneakers y’all!! Anyway, back to the story… He can easily drop a couple hundred on a few pairs of shoes in a weekend, but will think twice about spending $50 on a hoody. Today he’s rockin some Air Trainer 3. His current favorites are the Air Max 1, Air Shake Ndestrukt, Jordan XIV and Jordan 11 IE Low, still.

And just in case you were wondering, I was reppin the Thunder like usual in the N7 KD IV…

Fun facts: Mr. Morgan can often be found downtown on 23rd, quietly people watching with a snack in hand. But don’t let his slow gate fool you – Amir is one of the fastest people I know! Back in high school, baseball was his sport of choice (which most people also don’t know) and he was well-known for base stealing. Oh, and he’s not really that quiet either.

Peace and love y’all

– E Weezy


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