Day 170/366 – Teejay’s Nike Huarache Free Run’s are a reminder that HE MADE IT…

→ Teejay reached out after reading Day 156:  FENG of Quest Crew shares his backstage kicks while touring with LMFAO!

Name: Taejun “Teejay” Lee

Hometown: Montebello, CA • Current city: Fontana, CA

Education: Bachelor of Science in Health Science from California State University, Fullerton

Occupation: Manager at Quest Dance Studio and on-site staff for Quest Crew.

Teejay was inspired by and took part in the LA breaking scene back in the 90’s; he has many fond memories of breaking with Aris and Ryan from Quest Crew. Teejay was in a bad car accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down for 6 months with 4% return; he slowly regained everything but his right side is still impaired.

“Sneakers are a big part of my wardrobe; it gives me a way of expressing myself without being overly loud. They are more than just kicks; it symbolizes my mobility and how far I have come. Right after my accident, I couldn’t move at all so I really didn’t need any shoes; when I was able to take small steps, the first thing I did was buy a pair of shoes big enough to fit around my leg brace. As my walking got better, the brace size got smaller which meant I could wear less bulky shoes. After trial and error, I found out the Nike SB Dunks were spacious to the point where I did not have to size up much too much. During the trial and error period, I went toward a fashion over function path that caused many foot pains and problems due to the improper fit, lack of comfort and lack of quality. The SB Dunks had both fashion and function in them. Just recently, I had a surgery to walk without my brace and finally I am able to wear other shoes true to my size! My sneaker collection is now very mixed. My favorite sneakers (have yet to own) would easily be from one of my favorite movies of all time Back to the Future 2…the Nike Air Mags!”

Kicks on Teejay’s feet: Nike Huarache Free Run’s

Teejay chose to wear these sneakers in his post because they are light and they fit snug which means he doesn’t have to always tie his shoes (he prefers not to). Teejay loves the combo of old school styling with the lightness of the Nike Free outsole!

Future is bright! “I am still showing improvement in my mobility and haven’t let the disability keep me from enjoying my life to the fullest. It also helps being friends with the Quest Crew I was able to have a lot of new experiences. They have pushed me to be more mobile and confident, seeing past my disability. Wearing Nikes on my feet represent that I made it; I got through my ordeal and proved the doctors wrong. Every day, I “just do it” to the best of my abilities and give it my fullest!”

Thanks so much Teejay for sharing your story…a great reminder for us all to fully appreciate the sneakers on our feet. 🙂 Keep on keepin’, you’ll be doing headspins before we know it!


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