Day 172/366 – Finale! LAIKA/house Shoe Wednesday #15. Lourri Hammack, President Executive Producer.

Today marks the final post for LAIKA/house Shoe Wednesday! “LAIKA/house is a world-renowned commercial animation studio located in Portland, OR. I captured 15 kicks and 15 stories in 2 hours on a Shoe Wednesday with the help of Greg from Greg Helton Photography. The plan is to feature one LAIKAn every Wednesday for a total of 15 weeks. I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person by the kicks on their feet…so I’m excited to share what I found on the inside among this creative bunch!”

Name: Lourri Hammack

Title: President, Executive Producer

“In the course of her career as a production executive and award-winning producer, Lourri has always made it her business to understand, in a hands-on fashion, all facets of production in the operations she has supervised. As LAIKA/house President, she puts that wealth of understanding to good use as she represents our broad range of directors, styles and media types. Lourri has produced cutting-edge animation and live entertainment projects with some of the industry’s finest – often employing her signature Southern wit to keep things light and foster team spirit.”

Lourri is the founder of LAIKA/house Shoe Wednesdays! LAIKAn’s wear their favorite pair of shoes to work every Wednesday; this has been a tradition for just about a year now. Lourri is extremely passionate about the shoes on her feet (word has it that she even has a shoe salon in her home with 200+ pairs!). Lourri describes shoes as “wearable sculpture.” It’s not necessarily about status or cost, it’s that each pair has a personality of it’s own. She enjoys looking down at her feet and simply smiling. Fluevog’s are one of her favorite brands. “Their shoes are brilliant,” described Lourri. All hand-made.

Kicks on Lourri’s feet: Merona Elaina T-Strap Pumps

Purchased at Target. They might very well be the lowest pair of heels she owns. They matched went with her outfit for the day. She’s a fan of the vintage feel.

I want to say THANK YOU to LAIKA/house for sharing your kicks and stories with me. I want to also thank Greg Helton for contributing his awesome photography skills to this project! I’m grateful to have met so many passionate and creative people as yourselves! I’ll be sure to swing by the studio sometime to say HI. That’s a WRAP; LAIKAn style.


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