Day 192/366 – John McPhee is hanging up his Nike cleats…he will be back stronger than before!

Name: John McPhee

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia • Current city: Portland, OR (forever)

Education: 10 years of mining underground in the Australian outback followed by a master’s degree in Business Administration from Stanford.

Occupation: NIKE North America Delivery Precision

The sneakers on John’s feet are the first thing he chooses for the day; determined by whether it’s a “red” day or a meeting people day. The brighter and more fun (than they should be), the better. His current favorites are the Nike LUNARMTRL+ that he bought for a Supply Chain talk at work – they grow on him every day! Pictured to the right; available online at

Australian Rules Football is John’s forte. He’s been playing for 30+ years; 6 of those with the Portland Steelheads…“The greatest team in the Pacific Northwest! Watch the sport on YOUTUBE – It’s the perfect football game – combining the best (and excluding the worst) of American football, soccer, rugby and basketball… 36 men on an elliptical field that’s 150 yards long…no helmets, no pads, no fear are noted on the team jerseys…”

Below is a picture of John “hanging up his Nike cleats” for this year – he ruptured his Achilles in them last Sunday while he was racing towards the goal during a game. 😦 He purchased this favorite pair on a visit to Australia 2 years ago. They fit like a glove; he feels as if he’s not even wearing a cleat at all. “They make me feel I’m as fast as I imagined that I was…the older we get, the faster we imagine we are…maybe?”

John will be having surgery later this week followed by 2 months in a cast and 3 months in rehab. He will be back on the field with these cleats on his feet for pre-season training which begins on February 1st, 2013.

THANKS for sharing, John! We’ll all be hoping for a speedy recovery. I definitely want to come watch you back in action – faster and more powerful than ever! Let me know when your next official game is…I’ll be there with popcorn in hand.


One thought on “Day 192/366 – John McPhee is hanging up his Nike cleats…he will be back stronger than before!

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