Day 194/366 – Steve peeks through an abandoned WWII Sherman tank in Nike5 Streetgato’s!

Name: Steve Hochman

Hometown: Concord, MA • Current city: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Education: Excessive • Occupation: Europe Planning, Nike

Steve believes that sneakers are one of the Five Paths to Enlightenment. “The other four are also footwear-related. It is to this degree that I have happily drunk the Nike kool-aid. I practice the FIFO method of shoe choice. First-in, first-out. This assures about as much fashion freshness as I’ll ever muster with an assortment of kicks that pales in comparison to that of your eminently more fashion-forward interviewee John McPhee (featured on Day 192).”

Kicks on Steve’s feet: Nike5 Streetgato’s

Steve purchased these a month ago at the Nike store (also available online) when his wife told him she needed an empty shoe box for storing bills.”Eureka!” I said. “If I just buy a pair, she gets her box!” Steve explains that Streetgatos are like “Italian leather driving glove for your toes. The surface of the earth becomes your Ferrari.”

He is sporting his Streetgatos while investigating an abandoned WWII Sherman tank outside a war museum in Normandy, France. The only way to get in was through a secret rusted out hole in the bottom. His two sons Nate and Thomas were already up in the cockpit – peeling with laughter as they aimed the cannon at their mother who awaited patiently outside…

Steve, I’m fully convinced that I need a pair of these on my feet. Thank you. 🙂 Juliet, thank you for taking and sending over this AMAZING photo! You have the eye; past meets present. Can’t wait to join in on the adventures during my visit!


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