Day 228/366 – Jeff’s Air Jordan 11 “Space Jams” autographed by Michael Jordan himself!

Name: Jeff Peart

Hometown: Aloha, OR • Current city: Portland, OR

Education: B.S, Social Science & B.S, Communications from Portland State University

Occupation: Front Desk Attendant at NIKE

Extra credit: Jeff is the owner of 1of7 LLC. Local artists create their own t-shirt designs – 7 are made and 5 are sold online. Proceeds benefit Miracle Under Construction.

Jeff grew up playing an assortment of sports such as football, baseball, track and basketball. His attention turned completely to basketball in his freshman year. Jeff played for 2 years in junior college, 1 season at Pacific University, 2 seasons for the International basketball league and most recently – on the “White/Navy” team for the intramural league at Nike’s headquarters. During their championship game (that they won…), Jeff chipped his femur which resulted in surgery on May 18th. He is recovering quickly and plans to be back out on the court (with some hard hitting slam dunks) this January.

Jeff’s favorite kicks (hands down)  to wear while playing basketball are Air Jordan’s. While growing up, he would do extra chores to save money for his kicks. He remembers buying the Air Jordan 2’s when he was 9 years old for $60 (he still has them). Jeff has been testing footwear for Nike for ~10 years as a size 13.

Kicks in Jeff’s hands: Air Jordan 11 “Space Jams” autographed by Michael Jordan himself!

Jeff waited in the snow for three hours to buy two pairs of the AJ11’s. In 2009, Jeff was working in guest relations at Departure in downtown Portland – he heard that Michael Jordan may be coming in so he brought a pair along with a silver sharpie. The perfect opportunity presented itself and Michael was kind enough to autograph these epic kicks. The rest is history. 🙂 Thank you, Jeff for sharing!

Pretty awesome, I must say → 

Jeff has an AJ11 autographed by Michael Jordan. Lynn has one autographed by Tinker Hatfield! Featured on Day 32/366.

Anyone else have a special pair of autographed kicks to share???


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