Day 234/366 – Operation…create custom shoe shelves out of cable…complete. :)

Hola folks,

GREAT news. I am here to report that my custom shoe shelves are finished! I walked into Home Depot the weekend before last with an idea in mind. I worked on the project just about every day; I found myself learning something new just about every day.


Eye bolts (4 per shelf)

Toggle bolts (4 per shelf)

Turnbuckle Eye/Hook (1 per shelf)

Rectangular part with screws (2 per shelf)

Cable (# of shelves)

Painter’s tape

Screw driver

Power drill

Wire cutters

This is how I did it…

Measure the area and determine how many cable shelves you will have. Visit a local Home Depot and fill up your shopping card with the ingredients mentioned above. Be sure to buy a pack of gum for power. Use painters tape to section off where you’d like the shelves. My shelves are 7 inches apart. I made the back cable 1 inch higher than the front cable to optimize display. Use your power drill to create holes large enough for the toggle bolt to fit thru (when screwed to the eye bolt). Don’t be alarmed if the hole is larger than you anticipated (invite your apartment manager into your unit to take a look for added security). If you hit metal, keep going. Spin the toggle bolt on the eye bolt and push it thru the hole. Expand the toggle bolt behind the wall with a screwdriver. Pull the eye bolt towards you to tighten. Repeat for the # of holes you have. This will take some time.

Now, feed a piece of cable thru one eye bolt. I originally used ferrules to hold the end of the cable in place; however, I am convinced that you have to be superhuman to crimp them. I came across these rectangular parts that hold the cable in place after screwing tight (see pictures below). Feed the cable thru the 3 other eye bolts. Once you’re thru the last one, feed the cable thru the turnbuckle eye and secure with another rectangular part that I just mentioned. Connect the turnbuckle hook to the eye bolt in the wall. Turn the turnbuckle to tighten the cable. Repeat for the # of shelves you have. This will take some time.

It’s time to trim! Track down a pair of heavy duty wire cutters. I started with ones the size of my scissors and averaged one snip per day. A family member was kind enough to loan his to me; they are about the length of my leg. Snip the extra cable close to the rectangular piece.

Last but not least, smile as you place all of your sneakers on the cables… You’ve just optimized the space for your sneaker collection. Mission accomplished! 🙂

Shout outs…

Eric Boyer who envisioned my idea and helped me track down each piece to the puzzle at Home Depot. He owns his own company, ViSalus, and promotes the 90 Body By Vi Challenge as well.

My brother Chad for letting me borrow your power drill.

Kurt Valdez for letting me borrow your wire cutters.

My neighbors for not submitting any noise complaints.

Now on to the good stuff…


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