Day 263/366 – Day 2 in NYC. Sidney & Dezi chat with Bryce Dulay in his new Nike Free Inneva Woven NRG’s.

Today marks Day 2 of Sidney & Dezi’s vacation in NYC! 

They were kind enough to send the content below over for today’s post…

Here’s Bryce Dulay. 

A 26-year-old designer living in the Lower East Side and originally from Seattle. He works for a children’s clothing company designing for their license brand including Disney and Sanrio. Bryce is wearing the new Nike Free Inneva Woven NRG that he bought today at the 21 Mercer Nike Sportswear Store. They dropped today exclusively at the store and will be more widely available later on in the week. When asked why he bought this pair, Bryce said, “I love the technology and overall look and feel. It’s something I can wear in a corporate setting but still be comfortable.” Bryce’s favorite shoe is the royal Jordan 1’s because of what it did and the history of the shoe being banned. He prefers the royal color way over the red pair. Bryce wants to make a shout out to Jonas Amos for the sponsorship!


Now…you HAVE to watch this video showcasing these special kicks. Guaranteed to give you goosebumps. 🙂

THANK YOU Sidney & Dezi for the awesome post. THANK YOU Bryce for sharing your kicks with us. They are superrrrrrrr RAD. Keep up the great work in NYC! I hope to visit for my first time soon.


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