Day 264/366 – Day 3 in NYC. Sidney & Dezi meet Tatsuya from Japan in Nike Match Classic’s.

Today marks Day 3 of Sidney & Dezi’s vacation in NYC! 

Once again, they were kind enough to send the content below over for today’s post…

Here’s is Tatsuya Oishi.

He’s 36 and a web manager from Tokyo, Japan here in New York by himself for vacation. He’s staying out in Williamsburg , Brooklyn and was on his way to the High Lands in Chelsea. Tatsuya is wearing the Nike Match Classic. This particular pair is special because it is a collaboration with Japanese brands Undercover and Fragment Design. When asked why he wore these today he said it was because they are comfortable and the simple and classic look. However, the big reason is because his favorite brand is Undercover. He purchased the pair at the Undercover store in Japan two years ago. Tatsuya loves New York. It’s his first time here and already wants to come back for more!


THX Sidney & Dez! 🙂

Challenge: take a picture with the next person you meet!


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