Day 267/366 – Sidney & Dezi cross paths with Al & Travis in front of the White House with Kobe’s on their feet.


Sidney & Dezi travel from NYC to DC…

Live from Sidney (on the R in the pic to the L):

We’re in DC now for a mini trip during our NYC vacation. A beautiful city both Dezi and I now definitely love. After making our way through the National Mall, we went to the White House where we found…

Al and his wife’s son, Travis.

Al is a high school basketball coach and they are visiting from Philadelphia. Al says they make their way out to DC often and love being out here.

Both Al and Travis are Kobe fans just as Dezi and I! Al is wearing the Nike Zoom Kobe 6 “Dark Knight”, and Travis is wearing the Nike Zoom Kobe 7 “Poison Dart Frog.” They were bought at the House of Hoops in New Jersey. They chose these pairs because of the comfort but mainly for the style. Al says they have many pairs of their favorite player.

Thank you Al and Travis for sharing your kicks! 🙂



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