Day 268/366 – Sidney + Dezi meet Mike who is rocking Air Jordan III’s @ Busboys and Poets in DC.

[Live from Sidney…]

Dezi and I had our last meal in DC at a restaurant called Busboys and Poets for some breakfast. The food was amazing and the space is incredible!

That’s where we met Mike Mitch, our host.

He was wearing some fresh Air Jordan III Black Cement. That was the first thing I noticed since they’re my all time favorite sneaker! Mike is big into sneakers as he was telling me about how Sneaker Pimps, the traveling sneaker, art and music show, was just in DC. The IIIs are his regular, everyday shoes. He also works in radio at WHPC 95.5 as music is one of his passions. He enjoys being a host at Busboys and Poets because it gives him the opportunity to meet and talk to new and different people.

The restaurant is a very great place because it’s also a bookstore, lounge, rotating art and it has a stage for for theater. The name Busboys and Poets is in honor of Langston Hughes. He worked as a busboy while living in DC and was discovered after placing poems on the table of American poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay. The restaurant’s statement reads, “Busboy and Poets is a community where racial and cultural connections are consciously uplifted… a place to take a deliberate pause and feel your mind, body and soul… a space for art, culture an politics to intentionally collide. We believe that be creating such a space can inspire social chance and begin to transform our community an world.”

Such an amazing place! It’s very popular and the place was packed so thank you Mike for taking a little time out to chat!

[and…thank YOU Sidney + Dez! So, what’d you eat?!]




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