Day 276/366 – Today is LIVESTRONG Day!

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The Lance Armstrong Foundation’s global day of action. Today we celebrate the 28 million people worldwide facing the disease and honor all those that have lost their lives in a tough fight.

Sixteen years ago Lance heard the words that no 25 year old should ever have to hear, “You have cancer and you have less than 40% chance of living.” The cancer had spread from his testicle to his brain, abdomen and lungs. The future looked bleak to most…but not to him. He had the determination to succeed and the will to live. Lance created the foundation to help others facing insurmountable odds and to provide them the strength and knowledge they need to come out of treatment on top.

We invite you to visit to view messages of support that were submitted from all over the world and please add your own. This is a great opportunity to share your support for the 28 million worldwide affected by cancer. Please share this website with your friends and family, because we are a community spirit and in the fight.

Employees gathered on Nike’s campus today to honor survivors, loved ones and friends fighting cancer.          Lance Armstrong & Mr. Mark Parker shared inspiring words. An assortment of kicks to match this special day were seen on just about everyone’s feet! Hope you enjoy the photos below. #gratefultobehere


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