Day 285/366 – Tony Grosso, PLM @ NIKE. Nike SB Stefan Janoski’s + Swoosh Tattoo.

[Tony’s photo was first featured on Day 273. I have a bit of context to share along with it…so, here goes!]

Name: Tony Grosso

Hometown: Rowland Heights, CA • Current city: Portland, OR

Studied: Psychology – UCIrvine Anteaters!!!!!!!

Occupation: Product Line Manager @ NIKE


What do sneakers represent to you? I just love getting fresh. The smell and feel of new footwear is unparalleled.

What does your collection look like? Runners Runners Runners, Stefans Stefans, Kostons…

How do you decide which kicks to wear each day? I get dressed with a clear mind and then go downstairs and choose what shoes to wear with it. I pretty much have to persuade myself not to wear the same thing over and over – I would wear red footwear everyday if I could.



When/where did you get them? One of our sales reps gave them to me.

What do you like most about them? It was the first SMU we did for an account around the Stefan…

Most memorable moment while wearing? My 3 year old trying to wear them before I put them on…


When/where did you get it done? Secret EKIN spot.

What does it represent to you? Nike is in my blood.


Unique interests/passions that make you…you? Skate/Surf/Golf/US Weekly Magazine.

If you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be? Why? Prince Harry is on some next level business.

Recent discovery? I love chocolate.

THANKS FOR SHARING, TONY! 🙂 Keep up the freshness.


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