Day 287/366 – Happy Birthday Grayson!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Mr. Grayson Tenney!

He’s a real cool dude that recently juggled a mini soccer ball 36 times (no hands).

He also just finished a run around the new Geoff Hollister Trail located across Nike’s campus in Beaverton, OR. He looped around it with Brian 2 times with a light mist in the air…fall has officially arrived!

Geoff Hollister:
…ran under Bill Bowerman…
…sold shoes out of the trunk of his car…
…is Nike employee #3.

Grayson Tenney:
…loves to play music (guitar and piano)…
…is a SERIOUS history buff…
…says: single malt scotch for life.

Grayson in the Nike Zoom Elites (top) + Brian in the Nike Free Run 3.0 V3’s (bottom).


Thanks for simply being you, Grayson! Have a GREAT weekend.



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