Day 318/366 – Danielle ran her “personal best” in these Nike LunarGlide 3’s.

Name: Danielle Saenz

Hometown: “I don’t know; I’m such a gypsy these days. Somewhere between Yakima+Portland.” • Currently living in: Yakima, WA

Studying at: Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences to become an Osteopathic physician. Danielle has her eyes set on becoming a pediatrician. She would love to help keep kids healthy and happy. She is very much looking forward to returning to Portland around June of 2013 to continue her studies and reconnect with the Nike community where she worked before her move.

Sneakers…“are as important as my toothbrush. They are for health care maintenance” 🙂 They always make it into her suitcase. She doesn’t go more than two or three days without wearing them; whether it’s talking her dog (Hero) for a walk or going out for a run.

Kicks on Danielle’s feet: Nike LunarGlide 3’s

Danielle picked them up at the Nike Employee store this past Spring. The LunarGlides are her “go to” running sneaker – they make it feel as if she’s walking on the moon. She recently ran her “personal best” in this pair for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco! Her finisher’s medal – a Tiffany necklace – is pictured below!


Thanks for sharing, Danielle! 🙂


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