Day 319/366 – From ROYGBIV in her garden to the shoes on Valerie’s feet!

Name: Valerie Samuels

Hometown: Portland, OR ◊ Currently residing in: Lake Oswego, OR

Graduated from: Whitman in Studio Art & Philosophy (aka: having a good time) and Portland State University in Microbiology.

Occupation: Front Desk Receptionist @ NIKE.

Favorite quotes: “Tut-tut, it looks like rain.” “You can never tell with bees.” Both from Winnie-the-Pooh.

Did you know? Valerie loves spending time in her garden…especially when she’s able to put a creative twist on things; such as planting flowers in order of the rainbow spectrum (red-orange-yellow-green-etc). Blue proved to be especially tough. Back in the day, Valerie showed connemara ponies. She jumped them, rounded up cows, etc. She may have been known for getting off course a time or two. One of her fondest memories was riding “Good Mixture” (owned by Gerry Pearson) who competed in the ’72 Olympics.

Valerie was born with a true passion for the shoes on her feet. She remembers owning a pair of patent leather Mary Jane’s around age 4 that matched her patent leather penguin purse. She’s a big fan of “bling” on her footwear as well as comfort. She owns roughly 100+…from pink rubber boots for the garden to leopard print Jack Purcell’s for a stroll out around town. Valerie views shoes as a form of personal expression; why not have fun? 🙂

Kicks on Valerie’s feet: Converse Jack Purcell’s

Valerie’s mother played tennis in these sneakers during high school; she followed in her mother’s footsteps as well!


Thank you for sharing, Valerie! Can’t wait to see your new Cole Haan Jayhawker Wingtips when they arrive…  

(I’m a good influence :))


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