Day 320/366 – Marcus shares his very special…Nike x Premium Goods – “Atomic” Zoom Kobe 1’s.

Name: Marcus Eastland

Hometown: Houston, TX • Currently residing in: Beaverton, OR

Occupation: Global Product Line Manager for Baseball Footwear @ NIKE

Marcus estimates he owns over 200 sneakers; likely under 500. If he had to choose one sneaker to wear for the rest of his life it would likely be…the Nike Cortez because of its classic look and variety of color ways. It goes with just about everything for a number of occasions.

Marcus is inspired by: Denzel Washington. He has perfected the craft of being a family man as well as a dynamic actor. He is a positive individual who gives back and is all about uplifting the community.

Favorite quote above all else: “Each one. Teach one.” Marcus feels he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of those who helped him out. He now strives to do the same for others…

Kicks in Marcus’ hands: Nike x Premium Goods – “Atomic” Zoom Kobe 1’s

Per Freshness: Back during the 2006 NBA All-Star Game, Nike invited 6 different retailers to participate in a Zoom Kobe 1 design contest where ultimately the winner would be able to have their pair released at retail. The retailers/sneaker boutiques included  ALIFE, HUF, NORT, St. Alfred, Premium Goods, and UNDEFEATED. Ultimately, Kobe Bryant himself selected Premium Goods as a result of their original design and inspiration. The inspiration for the “Atomic” Zoom Kobe 1 came from numerous emotions mentioned in Kobe’s diary, the most important of which being energy.  Premium Goods applied the infinity symbol throughout the shoe to represent the scientific equation of E=MC^2, but also a rotated version of the number 8 (Kobe’s jersey number at the time). The atomic symbol on the side heel of each shoe features Kobe’s black mamba logo, representing the nucleus. Additionally there are some other refences to the number 8 that if you’re lucky enough to pick up a pair, you can analyze. These exclusive Zoom Kobe 1′s were released in the amount of 8 pairs at Premium Goods in Brooklyn and Houston on August 8th, 2008 (8/8/08) at a retail price of $444.00.

Marcus was kind enough to bring his highly coveted pair of kicks out of the house for today’s post. This is about as much action as they’ll ever get; he doesn’t plan on ever wearing them because they are so special! He was an Urban Footwear Rep for Nike covering Houston & Louisiana during the time of the contest; he helped build Premium Goods from a Nike standpoint. When Jen Ford (the owner) won, Marcus felt super proud as the sneaker shop’s rep. It was the first sneaker shop in the South that really got notoriety…convenient enough, it was his hometown!

Thank you Marcus for simply being you! Meant to be: a special pair of kicks owned by a special individual. 🙂


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