Day 349/366 – Peter Dang & Phillip Dang – Wushu champions – owners of the Nike Shaolinquan’s!

A RARE pair of KICKS led 366DAYSOFKICKS to Summit Wushu Academy.

Peter Dang & Phillip Dang, are elite-level competitors on the national Wushu scene and are proud members of the USA Wushu Team. They are both dedicated to teaching contemporary Wushu at Summit Wushu Academy with the highest attention to detail possible. Peter & Phillip are focused on the preservation and awareness of their craft. Whether one is looking to keep fit with recreational training, or aiming to become a top national/international competitor, they will help attain your goals! Info is below to inquire about classes and such.


Kicks on Peter’s feet: Nike Shaolinquan’s (Mandarin for “Martial Arts”)

Via wushukicks: Nike respects the past and represents the future with its new innovative spin on footwear for Wushu. Nike gained important insight from several world-class athletes and coaches. The result is the very light and supportive Shaolinquan, Mandarin for Martial Arts. It is premium crafted footwear, designed to blend functional excellence with simple, stylistic beauty. Weighing a mere 4.75 oz, the Shaolinquan shoe is constructed from a rich, premium kangaroo leather and includes a modified herringbone pattern, which optimizes traction between the athletes’ feet and Wushu mats. A soft, flexible, lightweight gum rubber outsole was created to allow for better pivoting on the forefoot. The shoes have a pocket on them to tuck laces into and extra short aglets for safety. On one side of the shoe is the character “Wu,” which means military in Chinese. On the back of the shoe is lettering that, when translated, says “Hero inside. Release it.”

Check out their kicks…on their feet and in the air! 🙂

Peter & Phillip will be at the 366daysofkicks celebration on January 4th! Hope to see you there! Flyer is below.


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