Day 365/366 – Today, I met Nick DePaula. Creative Director at Sole Collector Magazine!

Name: Nick DePaula

Hometown: Sacramento, CA • Currently residing in: Portland, OR

Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism – Magazine specifically.

Nick wrote for the sports paper in high school and read the sports page every morning over a bowl of cereal. It was always something he wanted to do!

Nick is the…Creative Director at Sole Collector Magazine. He sets direction and manages all content published in the magazine across multiple platforms — online, print and iPad.

He has the pleasure of conducting designer/athlete feature interviews with icons such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Penny Hardaway, Ken Griffey Jr., Jerry Rice, Bo Jackson, Tinker Hatfield, etc. He reviews all major basketball performance footwear models every season with a high technical voice and an in-depth critical eye. Nick averages about 7-8 main features per issue; one of his favorite interviews thus far was with Penny Hardaway at his home in Memphis.

Nick grew up…with a $40 budget on shoes. His mom upped the ante to $50 once he was in high school, with a ban on Charles Barkley’s shoes because he once called Sacramento “a ghost town.” He memorized all the specs of the latest sneakers by reading every Eastbay catalog from front to back. He grew his footwear knowledge by testing out basketball shoes for Nike during his senior year in high school and first two years of college.

Nick grew up a Kings fan, but it was Jason Kidd’s Nike Zoom Flight 95’s that got him into sneakers. He loved the futuristic design and the way that the shoe looked like it was in motion. Unfortunately, there was a zero percent chance that his mom would buy them for him because of the price; however, he was able to track down the take down version aka the Nike Thrill Flights when they went on sale for $58. Nick chipped in $18 of his own bucks to get them. The first pair of shoes he bought with his own money was the Hyperflight, worn by Kings legend Jason Williams. When he showed up to his high school team’s first practice in a red pair, everyone called him Dorothy.

In college, Nick realized there was a way to link up his debit card to his eBay account. Today, he owns about 17 pairs of Zoom Flight 95’s in different color ways and 13 pairs of Hyperflights. He owns a total of 650-700 pairs of sneakers; scattered strategically around his house.

If Nick could only wear 1 sneaker for the rest of his life…it would likely be the Air Jordan 1.

Kicks on Nick’s feet: Nike x Sole Collector “Penny Signature Pack”: Air Penny I that he designed with Marc Dolce and Penny.

Kicks in Nick’s hands: Nike Zoom Flight 95 – Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks (L) & Nike Air Hyperflight – Jason Williams Sacramento Kings (R).

nick_depaulaGreat meeting you, Nick!

(Special shout-out to Tiffany Beers for making this post possible 🙂 )


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