Day 366/366 – “Hi Amy Jo (AJ). I drew up some AJ sneaks up for you…” -Tinker Hatfield.

Whoa. I can’t believe it. I made it to Day 366.

I can’t even begin to sum up the year. I can say it’s been the most eventful and fulfilling year of my life.

Every day. On the hunt for sneakers. Crouched down on pavement to capture that special shot.

Every day. Meeting new people. Getting to know others better. Hearing stories about their special kicks.

Every day I woke up on a mission. I was excited. I was tired. I was inspired. I was too busy. No matter what, looking back was not an option. Looking forward was the only way to go…thank you to all my family/friends for your encouragement.

Number of times told no = two = number of posts missed before midnight (out of service in a cabin overnight and knocked out on meds from a not so fun dental procedure).

I want to thank each and every person involved with 366daysofkicks. From Dustin at Urban Outfitters in his Nike Free’s splattered with clay from the canyons, to Lynn Quan who brought her autographed Air Jordan 11’s by Tinker Hatfield out of the house, to Brandon Workman and team who created a customized Nike Lunar Racer in memory of a co-worker’s brother, to Lemara Lindsay-Prince who traveled all the way from England to chat with female sneakerheads around the USA, to Marcus Eastland with 1 of 8 pairs who lives the motto: “Each one. Teach one” every day, to the JUSTDOINGIT_IN20PAIRS crew who wore a different pair of sneakers for 20 days straight just because we could, to Tiffany Beers who pulled the glowing Nike Air Mag’s out of a bag…

I’m absolutely sold on the fact that sneakers are SO MUCH MORE than just shoes. They are a lifestyle. A form of expression. A memory. A catalyst. A piece of art. They tell a story. Something to look forward to. They bring people together…

Speaking of that. I am super excited for the 366daysofkicks year-end celebration this Friday. If you’re in Portland…I’d love to see you there. The DJ will set the vibe right. Food and drinks will be available. A talented friend will be selling customized beanies and necklaces. A silent auction will take place benefiting The Monsters on the Move Foundation; a handful of amazing sponsors have donated items such as Nike LeBron X’s, a Samsung tablet, a Samsung digital camera, Jedidiah & The Ivory’s apparel, Art Prints from Vision City and a Monsters of Hip Hop Dance Convention. My favorite (and most talented) of friends from SEA/PDX/LA will be gifting us with 12 performances throughout the evening; from break dancers, to Chinese martial artists, to hip hop dancers and beyond. 🙂 So, lace up your favorite kicks. Grab a friend. Come spend the evening surrounded by great company. For the love of sneakers.

RSVP via Facebook Event Page





Alright, here goes…the final post of 2012 – Day 366 of Day 366.

I’ve been asked 50 or so times what my last post would be. I typically shrugged my shoulders, only focused on the next day at hand, with a little bit of confidence that it would all wrap up just as it was meant to. I always had an “ultimate” post in mind (that I rarely mentioned) which involved Tinker Hatfield…the Vice President of Design & Special Projects at Nike. “When you talk about Nike classics, Tinker Hatfield is the first name that comes to mind. Without him we don’t have many of Nike’s greatest runners and basketball shoes as well as the Air Jordan III and beyond. It was Tinker’s vision that helped build the brand to the status it has reached and mentoring the youth that will allow the company to be just as strong down the road—a true OG” (via Complex magazine).

Tiffany Beers, a great friend of mine and of Tinker’s, was kind enough to send a note his way about the wrap up of my year-long sneaker adventure. Tinker replied back with a gem of an image that I will frame and keep forever. Thank you, Tinker. I very much look forward to shaking your hand in 2013. You are truly an inspiration. I can’t wait to get back to work (is it?) to ramp up in my new role in the world of footwear at Nike. I’m ready to make magic.

“When you sit down to design something, it can be anything, a car, a toaster, a house, a tall building or a shoe, what you draw or what you design is really a culmination of everything that you’ve seen and done in your life previous to that point.” -Tinker Hatfield


366daysofkicks is not ending today. It will continue along a “special projects” path…too good to set to the wind.

Farewell to 2012. Helloooooo to 2013! *Cheers*

Thank you all for listening.

Amy Jo Williamson.



5 thoughts on “Day 366/366 – “Hi Amy Jo (AJ). I drew up some AJ sneaks up for you…” -Tinker Hatfield.

  1. You are a dedicated and thoughtful person. I am sooo happy to have you as my only daughter. Whatever you do in 2013 and beyond will be magical and meaningful. I love you. Mom

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