My name is Amy. Feel free to tack on my middle name (Jo) for extra credit. Or AJ for simplicity. 🙂

I was born on the same day of the year as Bill Bowerman. I was raised in Seattle, lived in North Hollywood for three years before moving to Portland two years ago.

I have been walking on my hands since age two. I have been dancing since age six; hip hop is my style of choice.

I truly believe the sneakers on your feet influence the way you feel and thus, the way you dance.

You could say dance ignited my passion for footwear at an early age. I have experimented with a variety of styles both on and off the dance floor.

According to a recent poll of over 1,000 women conducted by ShopSmart magazine, reports USA Today:

Women in the USA own an average of 17 pairs of shoes but wear only three pairs regularly.  ~70 pairs would be my count. I try my best to give equal attention to all.

More than a third of women consider themselves a “shoe person.”  I consider myself a “shoe person”; kind of like saying the crocodile hunter is a “crocodile person”.

About half typically notice what others have on their feet.  I think you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes on their feet. I almost always sneak a peek.

28% feel shoes are an important part of their outfit and put a lot of thought into what they wear on their feet each day; 46% put little to no thought into it; 17% grab the first pair they see.  The shoes on my feet carry me through the day. If my feet feel good, I feel good. There’s nothing like a new pair of socks and a fresh pair of kicks. Sigh.

I hope you enjoy 366daysofkicks. Thank you for following along on this adventure. 🙂 I promise a fun and smooth ride.


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